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So we had Malaysia MMA veteran, Melvin Yeoh asked us, "What does KONG means?" We were stumped as since May 2015, we've been going with the name KONG and didn't really went into detail as to why we choose the name KONG. So here's a little history;

We were sitting around having a bangin' Viet ice coffee , brainstorming about a really cool name and what it represented ; the name to be fitting for those who dare to challenge life; for those who wear their courage right up front on the grill and attacking life's curve balls and mountains . We wanted a name that represents the warriors- the individual in the arena. Those who are climbing the competitive pile of life; the calm but powerful individuals who are beautiful but dangerous, fighting the good fight, fighting against atrophy, decay and the "i am comfortable" mentality.

One member suddenly came up with the name CONG TOUGH and the other member suddenly have an eiphany and wonder why not call it KONG instead? The relation of KONG being associated with bad ass Silverbacks gorillas seems like a good choice and thus KONG is born. A word that represents the indomitable spirit in all of us.

So there you have it, why KONG? This is why.

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